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<section person="first">

I'm back.

BLAH. I've had a long spell offline. Sorry to everyone who I haven't replied to . I've just moved house and don't have net access at home. I get net access about twice a week now, so can't spend much time on E2. Maybe again sometime soon....

Apologies to my mentorees. I haven't been on much recently due to Real Life getting in the way. I have exams to study for right now. Also, a friend of the family hanged himself, so I haven't felt up to much.

Good luck, and happy new year.

I had such fun in London. Thank you to everyone who was at the London Nodermeet. Special thanks to bol, SpinyNorm and wertperch who entertained me all night. As for the ass competition, bol and GreatNeb came in first place, and ascorbic alledges that he also got 10/10... ascorbic came in first place. Due to my immense inebriation, I forgot who came in where, but I found a drunken scrawl that clarified some things :)
TallRoo and (darsi) came in second place. Congrats to these lucky winners. Everyone is invited to the Belfast Nodermeet, which I will organise after Christmas.

RIP Hermetic
<section person="third">

idoru would like to thank bol for organising the latest nodermeet. idoru would also like to thank (darsi) for rounding everyone up.

idoru would also like to thank booyaa, dann and macarthur_parker for their postcards.

idoru is back on E2 again, but has realised that his contribution to the database has been sub-standard to date, and will repair or remove old writeups in the near future. idoru may even start noding again, but it will probably end up being lyric nodes.

idoru would like you to disregard the rest of this homenode


<section type="GTKY-ish">
snip snip snip.

Pseudo-random stuff
July 13, 2000: Belfast in July was Editor Cooled
January 18, 2001: idoru was borged!
January 26, 2001: <idoru>: Received my first devpoint
June 27, 2001: Recompiling your Linux kernel was Editor Cooled
July 30, 2001: <idoru>: Several people messaged me wishing me a happy birthday. Thank you very much! I was out of the country at the time, but it made me happy when I returned and read your messages.
November 2001: Made temporary chairman of BLUG
November 6, 2001: Message from WonkoDSane - mentoring 409.
November 29, 2001: Message from WonkoDSane - mentoring Sir-PK.

Playing guitar and bass
Listening to music
Perl - idoru is a member of edev
Linux - Debian being the distro of choice
Martial arts (Tae Kwon Do and Tai Chi Chuan)
Irish noders - but categorically denies any involvement with nódóirí


Computers crashing
Internet latency

edev: possible Cool Archive fix
edev: Other Users nodelet small font fix
edev: Punch Thyself fix

everydevel.com stuff:
Password email variables
User edit page bug
Importing nodeballs to a password protected database
Mail::Sender with Qmail

Non-spammers: the first part of the address should be the E2 name only.
Spammers: the entire address works as an unmonitored alias.
Fingerprint - 475A 04E8 FE1B 851B A391 5237 74C9 0D1B 3CA8 4CF4
Get it from http://wwwkeys.eu.pgp.net:11371/pks/lookup?op=get&search=0x3CA84CF4

Some reference, some cool, some humourous.

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