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What intrigues me about Derek Flint is how absolutely apropos he is to the turn of the millenium, unlike Austin Powers. As played by James Coburn, Flint is a smooth charmer that Elizabeth Hurley would have a hard time turning down, as evidenced by this striking bit of dialog.

She: I suppose that you get tired of women always sighing and fawning over you.
Flint: I'm so glad that you're more enlightened than that.
She: Thank you.
Suddenly, Flint spins around on his heel, catches her head in his hands, and gives her a slow, almost clinically sensual kiss.
Flint: Now we've gotten that out of the way, we don't have to do another thing.

He's right, of course. And oh, what else? How can you not like a guy who talks to dolphins, in their own language, of course, reads Archetectural Digest, is knowlegeable about varieties of hashish, a really great cook, has written a book about the electronics (that, he blushingly confides, is out-of-date...being eighteen months old), and relaxes by backpacking in Death Valley?

And all this in a movie from 1966...

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