"well, it seems about my whole life I've been kind of depressed
I think I like the concept but it sure is a mess"

- from Are You Headed My Way?

Devil's Workshop is one of two music albums released in 2002 by Frank Black and The Catholics. A long time ago in a far away land (well, a few years ago, in Boston), Black was front man for The Pixies. However since the band broke up in 1993 he has been releasing solo albums. For the last few albums he has collaborated with The Catholics and various other people such as former Pixies member Joey Santiago.

The album was recorded live to two track tape in Los Angeles using the mobile recording studio which travels with Frank Black and The Catholics when they tour. This method of recording is considered cheap and primitive by today's standards, but interestingly, the sound quality does not appear to have suffered. This indicates that Frank Black and The Catholics are a very cohesive and experienced group. It also may help them reap a profit from their modest album sales.

It is generally acknowledged by critics that the album has a rockier sound than it's companion album, Black Letter Days. Themes of the album include being on the road, hallucinogenic drugs, alcohol and the usual sprinkling of Frank Black's bizarre sense of humour.

Similar to Black Letter Days, this album was not widely played on commercial radio, although it was well received by Black's loyal international fan base.

Track listing

  1. Velvety
  2. Out of State
  3. His Kingly Cave
  4. San Antonio, TX
  5. Bartholomew
  6. Modern Age
  7. Are You Headed My Way?
  8. Heloise
  9. The Scene
  10. Whiskey In Your Shoes
  11. Fields of Marigold

Appearing on the album:

Frank Black (vocals, guitar)
Scott Boutier (drums, absolutely no vocals)
David McCaffrey (bass, backing vocals)
Dave Phillips (guitar, pedal steel guitar, additional vocals)

Additional guitar:

Additional keyboards:
  • Rob Laufer
  • Eric Drew Feldman
  • Stan Ridgway
Maracas: Ben Mumphrey

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