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Flem is a web comic written by Jay Grant. It began in 1998 and is still being updated a few times per week.

Flem has been through a few changes in its time on the web. The earliest coherent run took the form of:

'The story of how one goth moved from California to Texas in the spring of 1995. It's some sick shit, dude'.
- Jay Grant.

At this point in time Flem documented the adventures of the comic character Jay Grant (loosely modelled on the author). Accompanying Jay in the strips were some regular / reoccurring characters from his former home in southern California and his current residence in Dallas, Texas.

The art for Flem has improved greatly over the years and maintains a unique style which lends to the flavour of the comic. Overall Flem varies from darkly comical and somewhat socially abhorrent to just plain funny - something often facilitated by guns, blood, drug use, sexually deviant activity and bizarre plot twists.

In late November/early December 2002 Flem encountered some stumbling blocks and went on hiatus. Grant brought the comic back to life for a while and then ended the 'Jay' storyline with the 500th strip at the beginning of 2003. Flem Version 2.0, which was a second part of the original Flem web comic by Jay Grant used the same style of humour to address current politcal issues, or whatever Jay might have be feeling some angst about at the time. This incarnation of Flem ceased soon after the end of the Jay story arc and some of the version 2.0 vibe carried over into the new Flem.

These days Flem has settled back into the swing of things with regular comics being posted and some smaller story arcs appearing alongside the more random version 2.0 style strips.

Check out Flem at: http://www.flemcomics.com

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