deviant: not in conformity with what is considered ideal, standard, or normal, according to a given criterion standard that may itself be deviantly radical, conventional, despotic, or arbitrary.

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Fifth full-length studio album by British techno-metal band Pitchshifter, released in 2000 on MCA Records. Produced and mixed by Dave Jerden.

This is a fantastic album. Its the only Pitchshifer CD I own, but I would call myself a fan on the basis of this one disc. One word for this CD: tight. Whether its the playing or the production, everything on this CD is exacly where it should be. The music is basically metal, but with strong techno/electronica influences, plus a good helping of drum'n'bass. As an album, it feels more like a collection of songs than an entity in its own right, although there are many common themes and threads. Its maybe a bit on the short side for my liking (45 minutes), but Pitchshifter grew up listening to punk rock, so that's understandable.

The cover art is an extremely freaky picture of a person who is the left half of the Queen stuck to the right half of the Pope. This got the authorities in Poland all pissy and they pulled the CD off the shelves.

Lyrically, this CD is heavy on the socio-political ranting and pretty much non-existent on the personal reflections, unless you count the anti-boy band anthem that is Keep it Clean.

Great band, great album. (BTW, if you like the music, then for God's sake try and catch the live show!)


  1. Condescension
  2. Wafer Thin
  3. Keep it Clean
  4. Forget the facts
  5. Hidden Agenda
  6. Scene This
  7. Dead Battery
  8. As Seen On TV
  9. Everything's Fucked
  10. Chump Change
  11. Stronger
  12. P.S.I.cological

De"vi*ant (?), a.




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