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Rehabilitating Mr. Wiggles is an insanely demented and funny comic strip from the mind of Neil Swaab. It centers on Mr. Wiggles, a sex-addicted teddy bear, and his friend Lonely Boy. Together they discuss such things as sodomizing little boys, fucking inanimate objects, pop culture, accidentally raping women with AIDS, drugs, sex with animals, and politics. The comic is both cynical and hilarious, and is sure to offend your average…well fuck, it’ll probably offend anyone!

The strip appears in many publications, such as Gear (AKA “the worst fucking magazine in the world”), the NY Press, Real Detroit Weekly, and Time out New York. Although currently only these four publications run it, over twenty others have stopped running it because it’s so damned controversial.

Your average strip will go something like this (#54):
Lonely Boy: “Your mom’s like a potato chip.”
Mr. Wiggles: “How’s that?”
Lonely Boy: “Frito lay.”
Mr. Wiggles: “Yeah, well your mom’s like a bicycle.
Lonely Boy: “How’s that?”
Mr. Wiggles: “She likes to fuck a lot of random guys she doesn’t know on a frequent basis, often for weeks at a time.”
Lonely Boy: “Ouch.”

My personal favorite is strip #52. I actually own a tshirt with the words printed on it under Mr. Wiggles likeness.
Mr. Wiggles: “I’m high on life.”
(Mr. Wiggles and Lonely Boy stare at each other.)
Mr. Wiggles: “And crystal-meth!”

Neil Swaab also does a lot of other things, including short fiction, poetry, and art. My favorite piece of art by him is an acrylic on board called “Haley Joel Osment.” It features the young child actor reading a book called “How to act like a human child.”

Most people either love or hate this comic, but in the end there is no denying that Neil Swaab is no less than genius. His humor is reminiscent of Max Cannon, the creator and artist of Red Meat. A lot of people think Swaab is the next Matt Groening, I guess this shows how far we’ve come in the past 15 years since Life in Hell.

Currently, Neil Swaab’s website can be found at www.neilswaab.com.

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