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"I would like, if I may to take you on a strange journey."The Criminologist, The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Devirginization is what happens to virgins when they go to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show at a theater with a cast.

A virgin, in RHPS terms, is someone who has never seen the show (with a cast!) before. If you have seen it on video, or without a cast, you were just masturbating.

Exact devirginization practices vary from cast to cast, although they pretty much consistently result in the utter degradation and embarrassment of said delicious and succulent virgins. Most theaters have rules about the extent to which devirginization can go, and any cast who fails to follow these rules is usually ejaculated… excuse me, ejected from the theater.

Gimme a V!

The first problem is figuring out who the virgins are. Many casts will wait outside the theater before the show and accost people as they come in, asking if they have seen the show before. Most of the virgins don't realize the implications of giving the answer "no". Some, however, are understandably hesitant.

Of great help are the sluts (people who have seen the movie often) who dragged the virgins there, as they will point them out to the cast members. This is especially helpful when dealing with shy, modest, or otherwise closed-mouthed virgins.

No matter how the virgins are found out they are usually subsequently branded in some fashion. Some casts draw a “V” on the forehead with red lipstick or black Sharpie, some give them silly hats or masks, and still others will separate them outright from their friends and place them in a virgin-holding area for later use.

Too many virgins!

Sometimes there are many, many virgins. Unfortunately, there’s not enough time to embarrass them all. How can you let everyone in on at least some of the fun?

Pop that cherry! - a personal favorite method. Red balloons are filled with glitter are popped over each virgin’s head as they enter the theater. The crowd shouts "Pop that Cherry!"

Finger pop! - a very easy method involves having every virgin in the theater stick their finger in their mouth and pull it out sideways, making a pop noise. This is especially impressive when there is a large audience.

Rocky Horror Pledges - See section on RHPS pledges below.

Get on to the games!

The real fun of devirginization is in the games. People who do Rocky, out of many years of practice, can come up with some very creative ways to have a good time at the expense of others. Such is the way of RHPS.

Crotch Race - Two teams form lines, each person standing very close to the next, legs spread. When the race starts, the person in the back drops down to their back and scoots face up, head backwards though the line. When they get to the back, they yell “go!” and the next person (now in the front of the line) goes. This continues until a team has used all of their racers.

Suck and Blow - The same party favorite from high school. Teams of players pass a condom, index card, playing card, etc down the line by sucking it to their mouth. Use of hands, teeth, feet, and lips for any use other then sucking is strictly prohibited.

Whose Ass is it, Anyway? - This is the one devirginization exercise I am sure of the origin of – because it originated with my cast. The virgins are introduced to the cast by character name, and then blindfolded. A cast member is then directed in front of them and the virgin’s hand placed on the ass of the cast member. They then have to guess WHOSE ASS IS IT ANYWAY?

Toss your cookies! - Columbia takes off her hat and positions herself about 15 feet away from the virgin. They are given 5 cookies, and have to toss them into the hat. Another cast member holds on to a sign with the numbers 0-5 on it. Next to each number is an activity. The number of cookies they get in the hat determines what they have to do, usually pulled from other things on this list.

Fake Orgasm Contest! - Just what it sounds like. People fake an orgasm, and the audience determines whose was best.

Animalgasm - Just like the fake an orgasm contest, except as an animal. Can be animal of the virgin’s choice, one randomly picked, or an assigned animal. Very vicious casts will put things like “rhinoceros” or “hamster” in there.

Copulators! - Like Gladiators, but sexy. Virgins compete in various and embarrassing tasks, usually pulled from other games on this list.

Bra-B-Gone! - You know how girls can take off their bras without taking off their shirts ( can't believe there's not a node about this!)? This is a race to see who can do this the fastest. Males are encouraged to participate, but need to be either be wearing a bra, or can get a bra off of someone. An alternate of this contest involves a mannequin and a bra. Guys (or girls) race to get it off the fastest.

Pin the Cock on the Frankie - Just like pin the tail on the donkey, but a cutout of Dr. Frank N Furter, a cutout penis and a pin are used. An alternate uses tape instead of a pin, and the cast member playing Frank stands in front of the cardboard cutout of him in front of the unsuspecting and blindfolded virgin.

Favorite Sexual Position - The virgin is instructed to grab any cast member(s) of their choice and demonstrate their favorite sexual position. Usually the best is voted on by audience applause.

Triumph and Tragedy - or prizes and penalties

To make it all worthwhile, it's good to have prizes to make the virgins want to do well, or else punishments to make them fear doing poorly.

Prizes genearlly include things like condoms, sex toys, inflatable sheep, and other items in the general mileu of things you don't buy in front of your parents. An alternate kind of prize is to guest star in the performance, usually in a roll like the Criminologist, Trixie, or a chair.

Punishments can be anything from a spanking to having to play another embarrassing game. See the section "Embarrassment in the Extreme" for more specific ideas.

Rocky Horror Pledges

Another good way to devirginize people is to have them pledge to the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Pledges can be done individually, or as a whole group. They are generally done in “repeat after me” form, but can also be read from a plaque, billboard, scroll, very small rocks, etc.

American Pledge

I, State Your Name,
Pledge allegiance to the lips
Of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
And to the decadence for which it stands,
One movie, under Richard O'Brien,
With Erotic Nightmares and {Sensual Daydreams] for all.

Richard O'Brien's Transylvanian pledge:
We swear, often and loudly,
to strike a blow for glamour and frivolity,
for rock-n-roll, for six-inch heels,
for interplanetary intercourse, and for the Transylvanian Way.

A pledge for virgins from Canada
Here is our virgin pledge...
I virgin scum,
do hereby admit,
in front of all these people (wave),
that I am a Rocky Horror Virgin.
I wish to lose all my morals
and accept decadence into my heart.
In the name of the Frankie, and the Rocky,
and the (hip swivel) hoOOooOOooly Riff Raff!
(the sluts in the audience yell "FUCK YOU!" while pelvic thrusting)

Embarrassment in the Extreme!

Some casts are just plain evil. They take humiliating the virgins to a pinnacle of debauchery unknown to most people!

Virgin Auction - A virgin is auctioned off to the audience. They spend the rest of the night with the person who bought them and not whoever they came with.

The Olympic toothbrush team - Virgins are lined up, facing the audience. The first is handed a tooth brush, a tube of toothpaste, and a glass of water. They brush their teeth, rinse with the water, and spit back in the cup. The toothbrush, paste, and cup are handed to the next player who has to do the same thing (yes, with the same cup) until the whole line has done it. Sometimes a cast member will come over when they are done and drink the contents of the glass of water.

I accept PMs about things I may have left off, so feel free!

References: 10 years of experience. I'll add credits to any of the games/pledges that I can find proof of origen for.

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