Di*gest"ive (?), a. [F. digestif, L. digestivus.]

Pertaining to digestion; having the power to cause or promote digestion; as, the digestive ferments.

Digestive cheese and fruit there sure will be. B. Jonson.

Digestive apparatus, the organs of food digestion, esp. the alimentary canal and glands connected with it. -- Digestive salt, the chloride of potassium.


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Di*gest"ive, n.


That which aids digestion, as a food or medicine.


That digestive [a cigar] had become to me as necessary as the meal itself. Blackw. Mag.

2. Med. (a)

A substance which, when applied to a wound or ulcer, promotes suppuration

. Dunglison. (b)

A tonic.



© Webster 1913.

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