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Part of the 90's wave of French house, Dimitri From Paris brings along plenty of kitsch, disco and fun to his music. His first album, "Sacrebleu", was originally commissioned by Chanel as catwalk music. "Sacrebleu" fuses house, jazz, and lounge music. The most popular songs on the first album were "Sacre Francais" and "Une Very Stylish Fille". The latter samples the lines "How do I look?" and "Very good. I must say I'm impressed!" from "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and the saxophone from the theme to "The Girl From U.N.C.L.E.". The persona Dimitri adopted for "Sacrebleu" was of an American pretending to be French. Dimitri himself was born in Istanbul and raised in Paris.

More recently, Dimitri released "A Night at the Playboy Mansion", a mix album of lesser-known disco. Dimitri, along with the French group Respect is Burning, originally played these songs for Hugh Hefner's 74th birthday parrty, hence the album title. In 2000 he released the follow-up triple album "Disco Forever". The first cd is a mix of the original songs on the other cd's.

Dimitri seems like a friendly DJ who doesn't take himself too seriously, and he keeps a large collection of Japanese robot toys.

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