A Dirty Sanchez is when you finger someone's ass, then pull the finger out and wipe it under their nose. Then they have a brown moustache that looks like an unshaven Mexican's would (think David Villalpando from Mask Of Zorro).

OK, look, I didn't invent the term, I didn't create the node, and I even didn't want to node it. But for the sake of the truth, and because this is Everything (not just Some-things), I added it.

Dirty sanchez

A dirty sanchez is also an advanced version of the other Dirty Sanchez described above: a sexual term which appeals to a minority of the world's population1. The practice is known in both heterosexual and homosexual intercourse.

To perform a Dirty Sanchez, do the following:

  1. Person A2, inserts his penis into person B's3 rectum. This practise is otherwise know as anal sex.
  2. Person A takes his penis out of person B's anus.
  3. Person B immediately performs oral sex on person A.

See how easy that was?

There are a few hygienical questions involved in the performance of a Dirty Sanchez, but I trust you to figure that part out for yourself.

1) I do not have any official data on this. I am guessing.
2) Considering that person A needs a penis, person A is male
3) Person B needs an anus, and can therefore be either male or female.

The idea behind the Dirty Sanchez, and its associated sexual acts, appears not to have come from the gay community, but from the straights imagining what gay people do, in the manner of preadolescent school kids telling each other stories like the "Lesbian Lobster Lover". The mere idea of taking your peepee and putting it ... where? in a yucky girl is so odd and scary that they make up stories about horny teen girls dying of impalement on a broomstick, or lesbians making it with lobsters, who shit shrimp eggs inside them, or...

The fact that gay men put their peepees into each other, where it's dirty and all, just doubles and triples the disgust/fascination. (That they do sometimes do other things that "vanilla" straight people find completely odd is another factor.) Anyway,I doubt if very many people have either done it or find it all that great.

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