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In Starcraft, Disruption Web is an ability used by the Protoss Corsair. It costs 125 energy to use and costs 200 of both minerals and vespene gas to research at the Fleet Beacon.

The reason that Disruption Web is commonly called gayweb by a number of Starcraft players is the sheer power of the spell. When a Corsair lays a Disruption Web on the ground, it covers a small 3x3 matrix that completely prevents any ground-based attack caught within its reaches while allowing air units to fire at targets with impunity. For most units, this is merely a strong annoyance, as all the player has to do is move his units out from under the web and they will resume attacking as normal. For static defenses and less mobile units, though, Disruption Web is a dangerous problem- for the thirty-six seconds that the spell will cover the area, their battlefield presence is effectively negated.

This spell hurts Terran players the most, as their units are usually not very mobile, followed by more mobile Protoss and Zerg units. Disruption Web is usually the precursor to an attack or a drop as they nullify any static defenses and immobile units that may be stationed about, but it takes a bit of time for the Corsairs to pull back and the main units enter through the now-open corridor- meaning, if you're quick and observant, you'll be able to bring your forces back to stop your opponent's attack

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