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In Starcraft, the Air Balance Model was the end result of how Blizzard Entertainment rationalized giving each race a new air unit in the Brood War expansion. While the Protoss Corsair, the Terran Valkyrie, and the Zerg Devourer each have the potential to dominate other middle-tech air units (ie. the Wraith, Mutalisk, and Scout), none of the new units have attacks that can hit the ground, and thus, they are 0wnz'd by ground units of any race that can attack air units.

In practice, though, as with many things, the situation falls short of the ideal. Valkyries seldom sees use by Terran players when compared with the Wraith, due to the existence of the Valkyrie sprite bug. The Corsair has almost completely phased out the Scout, due to its rapid-fire splash damage attack and relative inexpensiveness compared with the Scout- and that's not factoring the Disruption Web ability that the Corsair possesses. Zerg players seldom make use of Devourers unless the game runs long, due to the fact that they are very high on the tech tree and are only useful when your opponent goes mass air units, but when held to the Air Balance Model, they are the unit that fits the scheme best of all the new air units.

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