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Dizzy Izzy is a game that I learned as a wee 'un at summer camp. It is also a source of slightly sadistic amusement for the guardians of the kidz who will play it; a safe outlet for such urges, since its undamaging (usually) and the kidz find it great fun.

It's a group game, sort or like relay races. In fact, it can be used as a particular 'race' in a multi-team game of squad racing. Players are divided into teams; each team lines up facing front (in a queue). A baseball bat or suitable substitute is placed around twenty to thirty feet away from the first player in each line.

At the whistle, the first player runs to the bat, and then proceeds to 'dizzy izzy.' This consists of holding the bat vertical so that its end is on the ground and the handle is pressed against your forehead (yup, you'll need to bend over) and then moving quickly in a circle so that the bat rotates but doesn't move. Your head can't leave the bat handle. You do this for ten or fifteen revolutions (number to be dictated by the refs).

Then comes the fun part. You have to drop the bat and run back to tag the next player in your team. Of course, you're frantically dizzy, and getting back to your team ain't easy. Lots of laughter is involved. This game is best played on turf so that the frequent falls don't damage the players.

As a counselor/teacher/guardian, you get to snicker at the kids falling ass-over-teakettle, but they won't care; they'll think it's hilarious.

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