Snakes is a New Game played by 10 or so people in a room with an uncarpetted floor.

One person is elected to be the first snake. He/She must lie face down and wriggle (like a snake (well, not really like a snake - snakes don't have limbs, and are much more supple, but you get the idea)). This is the only way he/she is allowed to move for the rest of the game. The remaining players must all touch the snake with at least one finger. At this point, the snake is asleep. When the snake decides to wake up, he/she yells 'SNAKE!' and then is able to touch (with his/her hands) anyone in reaching distance. No one is allowed to stop touching the snake until 'SNAKE!' is yelled. Obviously then they should run away as quickly as possible - although they don't have to: this is a New Game.

The snake then wriggles around trying to touch people. Any body touched by the snake must become a snake too (with appropriate writhing and gurgling during the transformation), and has the ability to catch people. Eventually one person will remain, hemmed in on all sides by lots of snakes. That person becomes the first snake in the next game.

Vast amounts of fun, with no discernible purpose other than fun. Great!

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