Compulsion. Aversion. An unhealthy curiosity, the propensity to which is apparently hard-wired into us, viz. this brief anecdote from Charles Darwin in The Descent of Man:

All animals feel Wonder, and many may exhibit Curiosity. They sometimes suffer from this latter quality...

Brehm gives a curious account of the instinctive dread, which his monkeys exhibited, for snakes; but their curiosity was so great that they could not desist from occasionally satiating their horror in a most human fashion, by lifing up the lid of the box in which the snakes were kept.

I was so much surprised at this account that I took a stuffed and coiled up snake into the monkey house at the Zoological Gardens, and the excitement thus caused was one of the most curious spectacles which I ever beheld.

Three species of Cercopithecus were the most alarmed; they dashed about their cages and uttered sharp signal cries of danger... A few young monkeys and one old Anubis baboon alone took no notice of the snake.

I then placed the stuffed specimen on the ground in one of the larger compartments. After a time all the monkeys collected round it in a large circle, and staring intently, presented a most ludicrous appearance... These monkeys behaved very differently when a dead fish, a mouse, a living turtle, and other new objects were placed in their cages; for though at first frightened, they soon approached, handled, and examined them.

I then placed a live snake in a paper bag, with its mouth loosely closed, in one of the larger compartments.

One of the monkeys immediately approached, cautiously opened the bag a little, peeped in, and instantly dashed away... Monkey after monkey, with head raised high and turned on one side, could not resist taking a momentary peep into the upright bag, at the dreadful object lying quietly at the bottom...

For additional Victorian anecdotes in a similar vein, see Darwin on "Expression of the Emotions" in The Descent of Man. This passage taken from Part I, Chapter III: Mental Powers.

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