So I was just reading tobtoh's recently cooled node entitled something like 'E2 clueless (newbie) mistakes to avoid'.
A good and useful node, I might add.

However, I myself fell victim to one of his/her highlighted mistakes not even 20 seconds after reading it, and I am not even a newbie.
The node warned its readers not to be lulled by the 'punch thyself' link that aparently 'appears often', because one who investigates said link will automatically lose 10XP.

Well, I have been frequenting E2 for quite some time now and have never seen such a link, or heard of its existence until reading tobtoh's node. So here was a self-titled newbie telling me something I didn't know. Right. I can't lie and say I didn't have my doubts about the validity of this information.

A second after I read the sentence warning me not to click on that link I had never before seen, I mindlessly and systematically clicked on the hyperlinked words to find out right then and there if it was really true. Some small part of me was saying, what the hell, I have 10XP to lose. What do I care about the numbers? But the majority of me was acting on pure human nature I guess, without much thinking going on at all.

Needless to say, it is true, people! Not that this further evidence of such is going to prevent those of you out there who, like me, just have to do it.
And there are others out there.....heh heh...right??
I think I expected it to be true all along...

Have you ever seen that one Simpsons's episode where Homer and Burnsie are trapped in a cabin that had been covered by tons and tons of avalanche snow?

And Burns goes: "isn't there any way out of here?"

And Homer opens the door, only to be covered by a pile of snow that pours into the cabin.

Then he says: "No. Unless...." and then opens the window, only to be covered by another huge pile of snow.

Then, being Homer Simpson and everything, he says:
"Wait, wait,...." and opens the front door yet again, allowing for a third onslaught of snow pouring onto him.

In this spirit of human nature, as always perfectly satirized by Homer's stupidity, I am almost compelled to visit 'punch thyself' once more just to prove that the loss of XP will continue to occur each time. Am I really that retarded? We'll see....

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