A line originally used by Lisa Simpson after a psycedelic trip induced by imbibing a handful of water from a theme park ride closely resembling the "its a small world after all" ride at Disney World.

Now used by myself and several acquaintances whenever we don't feel like devoting our attention to someone speaking to us; sometimes because we are actually 'coming down' but more often because we are busy with something else like watching The Simpsons.

And d o
w n

Things are working smoothly today, nothing hurts, and I have stubbornly decided I need to feel something. I need to remember why I cry myself to sleep, I need to remember why I'm afraid, sometimes, at night. I need to know why my bad days are bad, and now it is time to think about it, because this is what I have decided.

Can't talk, there must be something I have forgotten, somewhere a gap I have left open, sometime a thought that escaped, and why do I never let sleeping dogs lie? It's when things are running too well that the worry starts. God I'm ridiculous, but now is not the time to think of this. I must figure out where and why and how things are okay for a change.

And d o

w n.

My frenzied pulse will often
scatter the very tranquility
I hang from.

Self-consuming heart.

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