Take two, take two an dance aw night
Take jist one an dance til dawn
Take a break, take a rest
relieve yirsel,
make it last
remove yirsel,

don't give them aw ye've got
keep the last bullet tae last
one in the chamber
yirsel or him

the man's there
yirsel or him

take wan look
jist wan glance
it's love yer after
sex and romance

pull the trigger

eyes and hair
touch and sense
dance for a night
grasp an prance

breathe a minute, slow it down
stop a while, time tae think
look intae the eyes, look and feel
feelin's for the night, feelin when yer gone

don't stop any sentence
it's all revealed in yer
deadened state
tomorrows a fresh yin
the next day a dream

Ye might stop at this point
Ye might tell whit is real
Pretend in the morning
Pretend and conceal

One in the chamber
Ready for all
One left to shoot
Yer man waitin, waitin, watchin


get real.

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