19th Wedding Anniversary Sonnet
November 27, 2001
An original poem by TheLutenist

A fallow, dry, untended garden lies
As empty wind among bare branches stir.
A crinkled leaf twists under cloudy skies:
The hazy shade of Winter's harbinger.

Uncultivated croft, how came to be?
The gardener chased imagined beasts away.
Returns with open eyes amidst debris
And to the Lord for help divine now prays.

Have patience: who can know what time will bring?
For nurt'ring warmth of sunning, raining flow
May soften dusty soil with breath of Spring.
Then trembling blossom peeks and new life grow.

Neglected garden wrapped in chill embrace
May bloom once more with God's all loving Grace.

Unfortunately, I woke up too late to the lack of attention to our marriage and over-attention to meeting my "successful breadwinner" role. She to whom I once serenaded wants a divorce...

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