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Noders Whose Work I Seek Out to Read

My handle is derived from a Renaissance stringed instrument known as the Lute. I once spent considerable time performing on the instrument in the late 1970s. I was also studying at the university for a Bachelors in Fine Arts on the instrument. Even though I have not even tuned the instrument in over 20 years, let alone actually play, I still think of my sojourn in that world as defining (in part) who I am.

My goal is to create mostly factual WUs. I have already created a few personal experiential, editorial, or poetic WUs, but mostly I seek to add informative content to the nodegel.

I. Experienced Avatars Who Have Lent Me Their Wisdom

II. The Content Rescue Team

I have been fortunate to participate in one Content Rescue to date. JayBonci and team are a thoughtful set of E2ers working hard to improve the nodegel. Mosey on over to the Content Rescue set of write-ups and take a look at nodes in need of TLC. I found one I could assist with and was well rewarded for my efforts.

Nodes I hope to help fix, unless someone else finds the time before I get to it...

Node I rescued:

III. Nodes I plan to Work On

Below is my planning list. It is subject to change based on searches of E2 for what may already exist as well as refining as I get into actual writing. For example, the Music Theory outline will probably change as I reacquaint myself with that field and figure out a way to properly organize the information.

Please do not hesitate to /msg me if you have comments or WU to point out to me.

  1. A World of Ideas: this is a node I have already written. It contains the possibility of many more nodes - one or two each for the separate chapters in the two books by Bill Moyers. This is what I consider my magnum opus. It will take me a long time and will result in about 130 +/- WUs. I haven't created all the links from A World of Ideas because I did not want to clutter the nodegel with 100 new nodeshells. If you create a node from this page, let me know and I will link it in (i.e. author bio or a chapter summary).

    I will have to periodically search E2 for new WUs that may fit here. Time has been my greatest constraint.

  2. Musical Theory
    1. Basic Materials and Properties
      1. Tone
      2. Time Elements
      3. Melody
      4. Harmony & Tonality
      5. Texture
      6. Dynamics
    2. Musical Media
      1. Definitions
      2. Vocal
      3. Instrumental
    3. Musical Structures
      1. General Principals
      2. Simple Sectional Structures
      3. Variation Forms
      4. Larger Sectional Forms
      5. The Principal Contrapuntal Forms
      6. Free Forms
      7. Compound Structures
    4. Categories of Music Literature
      1. Symphonic Music
      2. Opera
      3. Dance Music
      4. Folk Music and Nationalism
      5. Art Song
      6. Religious Music
      7. Absolute and Program Music
      8. Humor in Music
    5. Other
      1. Musical Style

  3. Music History
    1. Medieval
    2. Renaissance is done in a general overview, but I wish to add another WU specifically for Renaissance Music.
    3. Baroque
    4. Classical
    5. Contemporary

  4. Renaissance Musical Elements
    1. Galliarde
    2. Pavan
    3. Other dance forms
    4. Lute
    5. Sackbut
    6. Hurdy-Gurdy
    7. other musical instruments
    8. Valintin Bakfark (Hungarian Lute Player)

  5. Mortgage Finance
    1. Promissory Note
    2. Loan Prepayment Premium
    3. Mortgage
    4. Assignment of Leases and Rents
    5. Guaranty
    6. UCC (lien on personal property)
    7. Mortgage Financial Underwriting
    8. Commercial Mortgage Property types
    9. Collateralized Mortgage Obligations (CMO)
    10. Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities (CMBS)

    11. Mortgage Loan Terms
    12. Commercial Mortgage Loan Due Diligence
    13. Commercial Mortgage Delinquent Loan Resolution Strategies
    14. Present Value Formula (6 functions of a dollar)
    15. Real Estate Appraisal
    16. Mortgage Banking Company Operations
    17. Servicing Agreement (a type of contract)
    18. Inspection Report
    19. Property Operating Statement Analysis
    20. Debt Service Coverage Ratio
    21. Foreclosure Process
    22. Receiver
    23. Partial Release
    24. Eminent Domain
    25. Average Life and other financial terms
    26. Loan Amortization Schedules

  6. Homework (information I have gathered in the course of BS, MBA, and MS degrees)
    1. Right of the Guest Friend in Ancient Greek Literature
    2. Development of the Ricercare (a music form for the Lute)

  7. Software Engineering:
    1. Object-Oriented Development Methodologies
    2. Prolog - already been done. Nice work by irexe.
    3. Comparing Programming Language Paradigms
    4. Interpreters
    5. Expert Systems
    6. Patterns - a taxonomy of learning programming patterns.
    7. Client Server
    8. Enterprise JavaBeans
    9. Writing Effective Use Cases

  8. The List of 250 Natural Highsby Pseudo_Intellectual
    1. Zen power yell

IV. Other Ideas or Subjects I would like to see in E2

  1. The Paideia Program - an educational philosophy and program by a consortium of educators led by Mortimer Adler
  2. How To Read A Book by Mortimer Adler.
  3. Organizations of encyclopedia by Adler

  4. An Outline form for write-ups on books: fiction, non-fiction (science, philosophy, etc.)
  5. Book Summaries using the Book Outline Form
  6. Consciousness Explained and other writings by Dr. Daniel Dennett
  7. The Meme Machine by Blackmore
  8. A Question of Values by Lewis
  9. books by Edward de Bono
  10. Van Loon's Lives by Henric van Loon

  11. Creativity Techniques
  12. College Degrees - history of, general requirements of, etc (Associates, Bachelor, Masters, Ph D.)
  13. Ontology
  14. General Thinking Skills
  15. Debate style argumentation

  16. Personality Types
  17. Nodes on U.S. Supreme Court Decisions
  18. Henry Schoolcraft - The First Man in the USA to Ask Directions.

  19. YMCA Voyagers Program (a parent-child activity group fka Indian Guides/Princesses)
  20. Lucid Dreaming
  21. Sonnet form of Poetry
  22. Bloom's Taxonomy of Educational Objectives
  23. Reading Difficulty Scales
  24. Career Planning

V. Nodeshells I Created and Need to Fill In

Feel free to fill these in if the mood strikes you. Let me know if you do and I will cross them off this list.

  • nobles - as in a socio-economic class in feudal societies.
  • idea cartographer
  • flower arranging
  • Japanese White Pine
  • Trident Maple
  • Earl of Essex
  • Sir Robert Cecil (from Queen Elizabeth I Court)
  • Duke of Brunswick (from Queen Elizabeth I Court)
  • Prince Henry (from Queen Elizabeth I Court)

  • Landgrave of Hesse (1600s)
  • Grand Duke of Tuscany (1600s)
  • Christian IV of Denmark (1600s)
  • daler (Danish coin circa 1600)
  • U.S. Naval War College
  • American Academy of Arts and Letters
  • American Jewish League
  • U.S. Secretary of the Treasury
  • Radcliffe College
  • Institute of Pacific Relations

  • War in Spain (a magazine in first half of 20th Century)
  • Far East News (a magazine in first half of 20th Century)
  • Office of War Information (U.S. first half of 20th Century)
  • Jessica Tuchman Mathews
  • Joseph (W. ?) Stilwell. American General circa first half of 20th Century
  • 14th Century (create a series of individual years?)
  • parochial loyalties
  • personal intellectual freedom
  • obligations of citizenship
  • life of the mind

  • life of the republic
  • orienteer
  • Family Law in America and Europe
  • moral sense
  • white collar crime
  • false dealing
  • Beruit(city in Lebanon)
  • Robert Morris (of Revolutionary America)
  • Mayflower Madam

  • nobility of purpose (what a "hero" has)
  • deeds of valor (what a "hero" does)
  • independent means
  • William the Silent (maybe under another name on E2)
  • Family Law
  • Human Rights
  • Constitutional Law
  • The New Republic
  • Ford Foundation Fellowship
  • American Academy of Arts and Sciences

  • admitted to the bar (law term)
  • European Economic Community
  • Constitutional Rights
  • federal law
  • Francis I (circa 1538 in France/Italy)
  • City Elders
  • broken consort (a Renaissance type of musical ensemble)
  • black bird (from Flow My Teares) - give def or add Beatles song lyrics?
  • lyra viol
  • Tobias Hume (tobacco fame)

  • dinner theater
  • viola da braccio
  • inner voice (musical term)
  • Orlando Gibbons
  • cittern
  • pandora
  • Thomas Morley
  • finger board (part of stringed instrument)
  • pegbox (part of stringed instrument)
  • tonal quality (music see viola da gamba)

  • concert hall
  • Marin Marais (French Viola da Gamba player. Court of Louis XIV)
  • discretionary income
  • Phillip the Handsome (Renaissance opulence)
  • Louis Duke of Savoy (Renaissance opulence)
  • Andreas Vesalius
  • Badlands National Park, South Dakota, USA
  • Voronwe
  • Tumladen
  • Huon, the Hound of the Valar
  • Thranduil, Elf King in Mirkwood.
  • Numenor (a pre-existing nodeshell, I can't believe no one has noded this!)
  • Nienor (sister and companion to Turin
  • Ted Nasmith (artist, known for Tolkien renditions)

  • Ecthelion (elf lord in Gondolin)
  • John Howe (artist, Tolkien renditions)
  • Tol Sirion (location in Tolkien's Middle-earth)
  • Battle of Unnumbered Tears (Tolkien; First Age Battles; add all of them?)
  • Vinyamar (location in Tolkien's Middle-earth)
  • Roger Garland (artist, Tolkien renditions)
  • Karen Wynn Fonstad
  • The Atlas of Middle-Earth
  • Tirion (on Tuna) (location in Tolkien's Middle-earth)
  • Xanthippus (father of Pericles of Athens)

  • Marathon (ancient Greece)
  • Battle of Marathon
  • Agarite (mother of Pericles)
  • Battle of Mycale (Pericles father fought there)
  • Cleisthenes (maternal g'uncle of Pericles; Athens government reformer)
  • Damon (Ancient Greek musician)
  • Pythocleides (tutor of Pericles)
  • Anaxogoras (ancient Greek philosopher)

VI. Personal Stuff

For starters:
  • male, born 1956
  • Location: "Somewhere in the midwest" (says Joan Baez in a song (presumably) about Bob Dylan (circa 1975)
  • single
  • 4 children
  • hair: lets just say that its a lot like money: the less you have the more you are concerned with the location of it. ;-)
  • education:
    1. BS in Elementary Education
    2. MBA in Finance
    3. MS in Software Engineering (in progress)
  • reading:
    • science fiction
    • fantasy
    • historical novels
    • programming skill building books
  • hobbies:
    • playing with my kids
    • programming
    • occasionally writing sonnets
    • making Tolkien Scrolls (see Green Books Section, Guest Columnist, Sept 2001, "Scrolls of Middle-Earth" by Lute.)
  • Goals in 2005:
    1. get in cardiovascular shape
    2. obtain a new career in Software Engineering