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One of the former champions of The Crane Clan and held the title of Emerald Champion in the CCG and RPG setting of Legend of the Five Rings. Also daimyo of The Doji Family of The Crane Clan. Father of Doji Hoturi, his successor as daimyo and Crane Clan Champion]. Once wielder of The Ancestral Sword of the Crane.

Feared as one of the best duelists in Rokugan, he studied the ways of dueling from the famous Kakita Dueling School, utilizing the quick draw dueling technique. Doji Hoturi resented his father on some levels as he seemed unnecessarily cruel to him.

During The Scorpion Clan Coup, failed to protect the emperor Hantei The XXXIII from being struck down by the then Scorpion Clan Champion Bayushi Shoju. He led a battle with other Crane Clan samurai to remove the "usurper" Bayushi Shoju to regain his lost honor as he did not fulfill his job as Emerald Champion and protect the emperor. How he died exactly is unknown but it was either in a battle with Bayushi Shoju, a great duelist in his own right, or by Seppukku.

Kakita Toshimoko succeeded him by winning the tournament for the mantle of The Emerald Champion. Recently voted into the Legion of the Dead storyline tournament, providing his services again to protect the heavens versus the evil forces that threaten it.

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