Fictional character from the Legend of the Five Rings universe. He was part of The Doji Family, and was the son of Doji Satsume, one of the samurai that took the role of Emerald Champion. After the death of Doji Satsume at the hands of Bayushi Shoju during the Scorpion Clan Coup, he became the new Crane Clan champion.

Under the tutelage of Kakita Toshimoko, he became one of Rokugan's greatest duelists. He also was the bearer of the Ancestral Sword of the Crane for a while. He had a love affair with the Lady of Scorpions, Bayushi Kachiko. They even had a bastard son, Bayushi Dairu. Later on, Bayushi Kachiko, using her charms over him, trapped him in the imperial palace of Otosan Uchi and made a clone of him using the Egg of Pan Ku. This False Hoturi wreaked havoc on the empire until one faithful battle and with one stroke of the Ancestral Sword of the Crane, the impostor was decapitated.

At the Day of Thunder, Hoturi was the Crane Clan thunder and alongside Akodo Toturi, dealt the final blow to the evil lord Fu Leng.

His spirit visited Bayushi Kachiko in the end, and there was truly love between the two enemies/lovers.

In the collectable card game, he had four forms. His first form is decent and is great for the honor running cranes and dueling decks. His experienced form showed his anger towards the Scorpion Clan for Bayushi Kachiko's betrayal with an utterly decimating dueling ability. Combined with Double Chi, he would wreck almost any Scorpion, maybe except for Bayushi Aramoro. His final human incarnation was the embodiment of his Thunder form, during the Day of Thunder. If he is on the battlefield, he is simply a machine, and cannot be sent home with the Imperial Favor. He also has a sensei form called Hoturi Sensei and an ancestral form known as Shiryo no Hoturi.

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