From Legend of the Five Rings

... Also known as the Ninth Kami of Rokugan, and He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named, Fu Leng is filled with hatred towards the eight of his siblings who escaped from Lord Onnotagu's belly. Having fallen into the spirit world, he was driven mad by the dark whisperings of oni, but gained powers far beyond the reaches of his brothers and sisters. When he encountered the other eight kami in the first days of Rokugan's history, Fu Leng was the master of a horrible army that seemed as if it would crush all of Rokugan beneath its power- until The Seven Thunders met him in combat, and sealed his power away in the Twelve Black Scrolls.

Fu Leng would next appear in the body of Hantei XXXIX, possessing the child Emperor already weakened by the careful poisonings of Bayushi Kachiko. He first revealed his power in a short confrontion with Hida Kisada that left the Crab with the Ancestral Sword of the Hantei in his gut. As each of the Twelve Black Scrolls opened, Fu Leng became more powerful until the climactic battle with his brother Togashi that left the Dragon dead and his protege, Mirumoto Hitomi, clutching The Twelfth Black Scroll in her hands. When it was opened, Fu Leng's power was complete- but he was also completely bonded into the mortal body of Hantei XXXIX. In the following battle with The Seven Thunders, he was slain, his decapitated skull eventually recovered by his minions.

While Fu Leng himself is dead, the oni and his corrupted soldiers march on from the Shadowlands, knowing in their blackened hearts that they are the true rulers of Rokugan.

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