"In the crown of your own self you preach darkness. Yet would you be able to obey the lack of light?"

Four-piece death/thrash metal band formed at Krosno, Southern Poland in 1996 by fourteen-year olds: Sauron (vocals), Martin (bass), Vitek (drums), and Vogg (guitars) all high-school students on a popular music school at the time. The band is well known not just because they're young and their appreciation for death metal at such an early age, but because of their excellent proficiency with their instruments and the technicality of their music that far surpasses most death metal bands.

Decapitated recorded their first demo album entitled Cemeteral Gardens in 1997, then followed by the release of their second demo Eye Of Horus. By this time, Decapitated is starting to have a large following of death metal fans by performing live in different venues day in and day out, while others doubt that the band will go a long way because of their age. They proved the doubters wrong however, with the release of their first full-length album The First Damned in 2000 through Metal Mind Productions.

Word spread fast about the bands success and popularity in the underground and eventually to Earache, prompting the eight-legged polesters to sign with the label imprint Wicked World in 2001 and releasing their second full-length album, the critically-acclaimed Winds Of Creation. Not long after that, Decapitated was voted as "Best Newcomer" on Terrorizer magazines' 2000 readers poll and embarked on a series of concerts around Europe in support of the album.

After a two-year absence the band recorded and released in February, their most technical and brutal work to date - Nihility. Although there are some qualms about the album like a much cleaner production than before and some songs getting a little bit repetitive, its an excellent release once again from Decapitated -- a band which fails to disappoint.

Nihility (2002)

Winds Of Creation (2001)

The First Damned (2000)

The Eye Of Horus (1998)

Cemeteral Gardens (1997)

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