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"Come one and all and see the broken man, talking to himself. He sits and waits for something better, he'll never find it here."

Contrary to popular belief, Stone Sour is not a sideproject -- its a separate band formed by Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor, drummer Joel Ekman, and guitar/bass player Denny Harvey in 1992. Later that same year, the Stone Sour line-up was revamped with Joel Ekman staying on the drum assignment, Tony C. replacing Denny on bass, Marty Smith on guitars, and Corey would occassionally play the guitar other than providing vocals. Also, it is with this line-up that Stone Sour recorded their first demo album at Junior's Motel.

The following years 93 and 94 respectively, Stone Sour struggled through several line-up changes with Shawn Economacki joining to replace Marty Smith. Not long after that, Tony C. left to join The Rejects (now known as The Murderdolls) and Todd Smith was hired as the replacement with Josh Rand joining as the second guitar player. This line-up only lasted for a week, though....with Rand leaving and eventually replaced by Josh Ryling, Economacki on the other hand shifted from guitars to bass leaving the second guitar spot open for some guy named BJ.

In 1995, only four members remained: founding fathers Corey and Joel, Shawn Economacki, and Josh Ryling. Pretty solid line-up compared to the previous ones because they lasted for a year until 96, with Ryling going away and replaced by Ryan Weeter. During this line-up, recording of the untitled second album in SR-Audio studios began. The album never saw the light of day after the band members had a feud with their producer Sean McMahon with regards to their musical direction, with Sean insisting that the band should try to emulate the style of Garbage. Yes, that's the Shirley Manson one. Oh, and the songs Tumult and Monolith from the Roadrunner debut, was taken from this album in case you don't know.

Later that same year James Root joined the band followed by Bruce Swink in 1997 as the second guitar player. By this time, Corey was invited to join Slipknot, which led to the folding of Stone Sour.

The future was bleak for Stone Sour until 2000. Josh Rand, close compatriot of Corey Taylor and an ex-Slipknot and Stone Sour member, showed Corey some songs that he's been working on. These songs served as blueprints for a project which at that time was referred to as Project-X, then Super Ego, then Closure....until the band finally decided to use the name Stone Sour and bring back the original lineup. Stone Sour was later reborn.

As of this writing, the band just released their self-titled major label debut album through Roadrunner Records and sales are going strong on the Billboard charts. And despite the rumors of Slipknot breaking up because of the sideprojects the band members are involved in, Corey denies everything and assures fans that Slipknot will continue to go on.

  • Corey Taylor - Vocals
  • Shawn Economacki - Bass
  • Josh Rand - Guitars
  • James Root - Guitars
  • Joel Ekman - Drums
  • Stone Sour (demo) - 1992
  • Untitled (unreleased) - 1996
  • Stone Sour - 2002

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