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Slipknot Drummer Joey Jordison's first side-project, and also the reason the mass-public got to see what he looked like without his mask (not much difference, really). Also, Tripp Eisen of Static-X makes an appearance as the second guitar* player.

The Murderdolls are:

  1. Wednesday 13 - Vocals
  2. Joey Jordison - Guitar
  3. Tripp Eisen - Guitar
  4. Eric Griffin - Bass
  5. Ben Graves - Drums

They are essentially an '80s Shlock-horror group, similar to Alice Cooper and the like, except heavier. They originally started out as The Rejects a long, long time ago. long before Slipknot hit the big time. Joey met Eisen while touring with Dope in '99, and the guitarist recruited Wednesday as a bassist. Later on, the bassist impressed the others with his song-writing ability and became lead singer, and Eric Griffin took his place. Ben Graves finished off the current lineup.

They have, to this date, only played a few shows - this being after they started recording, as Joey hadn't even met Wednesday until he entered the studio.


    Beyond the Valley of the MurderDolls (August 20th)

    1. Slit My Wrist
    2. Twist my Sister
    3. Dead in Hollywood
    4. Love at First Fright
    5. People Hate Me
    6. She Was A Teenage Zombie
    7. Die My Bride
    8. Grave Robbing USA
    9. 197666
    10. Dawn of the Dead
    11. Let's Go To War
    12. Dressed To Depress
    13. Kill Miss America
    14. B-Movie Scream Queen
    15. Motherfucker, I Don't Care
The video for their first single, Dead in Hollywood, is available on MTV2.

* thanks 409!

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