Bass Player for the band Marilyn Manson. Real name is Jeordie White. Takes his name from the super-thin model "Twiggy", and serial killer Richard Ramirez. Almost legendary for his innate ability to vomit large amounts of half-digested food as soon as a camera is pointed at him, as witnessed on the Pantera live DVD. Possibly the closest friend Marilyn Manson ever admitted to having while sober.

When former guitarist Daisy Berkowitz left the band, Twiggy became the driving musical force behind most of the songs written after "Antichrist Superstar". Even the casual listener would be able to discern where one stopped and the other began; Daisy preferred melody and a dark humor in his music, whereas Twiggy would favor hard chugging riffs and more anthem-like guitar parts.

In 2003, Twiggy and Marilyn Manson parted ways, as Marilyn was again re-creating the band, this time into an Industrial Vaudeville act. He was replaced by former KMFDM member Tim Skold, who brought an obvious industrial influence to the music.

Later that year, in an apparent game of six degrees of separation, Jeordie (dropping his Marilyn Manson moniker) joined the band A Perfect Circle, where he shares writing credits on their sophomore release, "Thirteenth Step". As quoted on

Regarding the “New Guy” on bass - Jeordie White, otherwise known as “Twiggy,” (formerly of “Marilyn Manson,”) has replaced Paz as the new APC bass player. Jeordie, in between jobs, answered a classified ad in the "Music Connection” which read… “Established band seeks professional, experienced bass player. Must have a van and must resemble Don Knotts. Long hair a plus.” The rest is history. Congratulations, Jeordie. This is the biggest mistake you have ever or will ever make.

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