Dominique Swain is a lupine, gamine and limbly nymphet who became notorious after her title role in the 1997 film version of Nabokov’s “Lolita”. She was lustrous as the pre-pubescent seductress, a gum chewing and embarrassingly grubby child who you are shocked to admit has any kind of allure. She is so aptly cast for the role of Lolita that whilst watching the film, not only did I end up identifying with the seemingly perverse Mr. Humbert, but my two fairly PC male friends started admitting to paedophilic impulses.. this film somehow glorifies it, even though it caused a huge protest when it was released, people walking out of the theatre horrified and such.

Dominique says that she feels very similar to Delores not in their circumstances but in the way they both react in which ever way seems natural in the moment.

She was not allowed to sit on Jeremy Irons' lap without a cushion placed between them. She also didn't do the nude scenes, instead she had a 19 year old body double. "I was really a failure at going though the motions of sex. My hips were moving, but I didn't know what I was doing. It didn't look realistic. They kept moving the camera back because I was just...terrible!" she giggles. "But Adrian said it actually added to the scenes, because Lolita wasn't supposed to be that experienced sexually."

Dominique received a short and sharp lesson in Method acting: "I thought it would be the most challenging scene, but then Jeremy really hit me and I really started crying, hitting him back and screaming my head off."

Dominique has been in seven car accidents since she got her license last year. "Everyone is convinced I'm accident-prone," she grins. "They wouldn't even let me walk down the steps in my trailer without grabbing my hand."

Dominique is 5’9” and was born in Malibu on August 12th, in 1980, on a Santa Monica freeway, in her father's Datsun. She is the daughter of David Swain (Sr.) and Cindy Swain, and sibling to sisters Chelse, Jennifer, and Alexis, and brother David (Jr.). Dominique graduated from Malibu High School, where she was an 'A' student.


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