Perhaps talented, perhaps attractive, but certainly the only person ever to have kicked me in the shins.

Despite what she tells various magazines, the girl grew up in Montclair, NJ, about twenty minutes south of New York City. She went to public school through middle school, though this story takes place in elementary. I was in fourth grade, she was in fifth. I was headed to the girls' room with my hallway pass in hand and there she was, the only other person in the hall, and headed straight for me. I knew she didn't like me (I've been a nerd from the get-go) and I grew a little nervous. I was just nervous to pass her--you've all seen her stare. She wasn't famous yet, of course, 'Mermaids' was still a year or two away.

She stopped directly in front of me and looked in my eyes and for no apparent reason she pulled back and kicked me in one shin, then the other. I was too shocked to react. I went to the bathroom and cried. Christina Ricci is very famous now, and I have to laugh. I have had my dignity insulted many times, but I have only had my shins kicked by one person, and she has been on the cover of Rolling Stone.

Christina Ricci - The Person

Ricci is arguably one of the most talented actors that has come out of Hollywood. She was born in Santa Monica, California (February 12, 1980), the youngest of 4 children. The family moved to Montclair, New Jersey when she was seven. Around the same time, a movie critic told her parents to get her an agent, when she was seen on stage during a school play.

Apparantly, her parents divorced after she filmed Addams Family Values in 1993, and she has not spoken with her father since.

She is now 5 ft 1 (1m55) tall, drives a Porsche Boxter and seems to be hot property in the movie industry.

Christina Ricci - The Career

She made her debut with Mermaids in 1990, a title where she played the Kate Flax, the younger sister of Charlotte Flax (played by nobody less than Winona Ryder). The movie failed to impress the general audience, but that shed light on Ricci as a talented, promising actress. As a 10-year old, she didn't only have the "innocent child" look, but it turned out that she could actually act.

Ricci's big break-through came with Addams Family, where she brilliantly played the role of the morbid daughter of the family, Wednesday. After this she has had roles in a variety of great and not-so-great movies.

Rici was turned down four times for the role of Lolita in Lolita, the 1997 remake of the classic Stanley Kubrick film. The role eventually went to Dominique Swain.
Ricci was also turned down for one of the lead roles in the 1997 blockbuster remake of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.
Ricci turned down the role of Ronna in the blockbuster hit Go in 1999 because of scheduling conflicts. (boo!)

She was in Cher's music video for the Shoop Shoop song (It's in his kiss) and in Moby's Natural Blues video.

Christina Ricci - The Movies
(the stars are ratings out of five of those of the movies I have seen. I decided not to put synopsis and mini-reviews about the movies I haven't seen. If you want to contribute with either, send me a /msg)

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