Daughter of professional wrestling promoter Vince McMahon and, as a result, WWF personality. Her on screen life began when she showed up to support her father while he was fueding with her brother and his son, Shane McMahon. Soon thereafter Stephanie was kidnapped by the Undertaker's Ministry of Darkness, in an apparent effort to gain revenge on Vince and Stone Cold Steve Austin. In the end, however, it was Vince who had the last laugh, when he revealed that he was the mastermind of the kidnapping, part of a long plan to destroy Austin. Stephanie was not happy with her father.

A few weeks later, Stephanie was video taped leaving a motel with Test; much to the chagrine of Shane McMahon and his Mean Street Posse, it was soon announced that Stepanie and Test were engaged to be married. Despite having differences with his sister previously, Shane declared his love for her and said that by going to great lengths to try to stop his sister from getting married to a "common wrestler," he was only doing his duty as an older brother. The fued between Test and Posse lasted until Test won a Guantlet Match, beating all five members in less than ten minutes, after which Shane stated that he no longer would stand in thier way, in fact, he started supporting Test, accepting him as a brother-in-law. So came the day of Test and Stephanie's marriage... and the day upon which Stephanie's heel turn began. She stood Test up at the alter, and revealed her new husband, Triple H. So began the McMahon-Helmsly Era/Regime.

(last updated 13 May 2000)
Stephanie Marie McMahon was born in Connecticut, NY on the 29th September, 1976, the youngest daughter of Vince and Linda McMahon.

After a childhood growing up around wrestlers and the wrestling business, it was no surprise that the beautiful and intelligent baby girl of Vince McMahon would enter the game herself. She was first spotted in WWF publications modelling Hulk Hogan and Rockers merchandise in the late '80s before disappearing out of the spotlight. Stephanie spent the time learning her trade under Mom and Dad, and the avid WWF viewer would have spotted her sitting alongside Pat Patterson in backstage segments of Beyond The Mat or fleeting glances of her on PPVs.

After gaining a degree in Communications from Boston University, Stephanie was working in Titan's advertising department when Daddy came calling and told her she was being written into the McMahon soap opera as a full character. As described above, she was the victim of the Undertaker and the love interest for Test, before becoming one of the top five performers on the WWF roster as the megalomaniacal wife of Triple H.

The McMahon-Helmsley Era and in particular Trips and Steph themselves presided over the emotional end of Mick Foley's career, the elevation of Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho to the upper echelons of the WWF roster, and of course the red-hot HHH-Kurt Angle-Steph love triangle angle :)

After HHH tore his quadriceps while teaming with Steve Austin against Jericho and Benoit, Stephanie gave an emotional interview showing her (rumoured to be legitimate) loving concern for her man, before disappearing from our television screens.

Until the 9th July 2001. At the climax of the most shocking markout episode of RAW ever, Stephanie was revealed as the new owner of the resurrected ECW. Alongside Paul Heyman, her brother Shane and the massed ranks of WCW and ECW wrestlers, she led her charges to victory in the first ever interpromotional WWF-WCW-ECW pay-per-view, Invasion, welcoming none other than WWF Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin into the Alliance faction.

After the WWF defeated the Alliance at Survivor Series 2001, Steph was banished from TV duties but remained as head of the creative team. In July 2002 she returned as the new 'General Manager' of Smackdown (ostensibly as a babyface) and began a bidding war for the talent roster against her nemesis, Eric Bischoff, the GM of Raw.

For those of you that are interested in Steph other than her wonderful history, she stands 5'9" tall and weighs 135 pounds. I'd be willing to bet on her being a 36C, but it's the hair and the face that does it for me. I'd sure give anything for her to be as nasty with me as Y2J speculates she is...for what it's worth, Pat Patterson himself has said that she was 'pretty wild' in her college days - and insider gossip has suggested that she makes a perfect match for the openly-kinky Paul 'HHH? XXX surely!' Levesque (who has gone on record as stating he likes his girls very dirty indeed). I'll give you all a full report when I finally capture the Billion Dollar Princess's heart.

15th August 2001: Steph appeared on the syndicated NYC radio show Opie & Anthony yesterday, on which she stated that she had in fact had breast implants, a move that was provoked by her seeing signs in the WWF crowds suggesting that her breasts were sagging. She refused to comment on whether she got them to please her man, HHH, but did comment that she is under doctor's orders to massage them regularly for the coming weeks.


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