natalia jovovich is a new girl in terms of stealing the limelight, a softer version of milla jovovich, who by the way happens to be her cousin. she works for q models, & she has done a few obscure things, for example a film for a sundance film festival called "trickle-down theory" (1998) and she also appeared in the orgy video "blue monday" on MTV. i remember her most from the marilyn manson video, "the long hard road out of hell". then she ended up dating the completely odd bass player, twiggy ramirez, which i found insane. we are talking a painfully hideous little man here, a man struggling to act like a real human (but oh so endearing, if you go for that kind of thing. which i do). she says that the guys in the band aren't actually "that weird". (a fact that actual fans of marilyn manson would long have known.)

she's not sure about eventually acting, but she is taking advantage of modelling at the moment while she can, full knowing what the stains of time can do for a model's career, especially an obscure one. she says she loves those old hollywood movies on AMC (which is sort of how she learnt to speak english).

other teensy facts: her favourite beach is in dubrovnik, croatia (on the adriatic sea); the book by her bed at the moment is vittorio the vampire by anne rice; she won't date guys with thick necks and her words of advice for everybody are: don't sell out.

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