A synonym for "collectible card game". Many geeks find these things to be fun and worth obsessing (to the point of spending lots of money.) Some of the better games that I've played are Magic and Legends of the Five Rings&(or, L5R for short). Often quite popular with the people who play RPGs.

CCG can be an abbreviation for Collectible Card Game or Customizable Card Game, depending on which game it is (or, more correctly, which manufacturer it is).

An example of a Collectible Card Game is Babylon 5 by Precedence.
The masters of Customizable Card Games are undoubtedly Decipher, with Star Wars CCG, Star Trek CCG and others.

An interesting thing to note is that Magic: The Gathering (and every other card game by Wizards of the Coast for that matter) is not a CCG -- it's actually a TCG; a Trading Card Game.

Genetic code for the amino acid Proline (Pro, P). Alternative codons are CCA, CCC and CCT. Anything beginning `CC', really.

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