Don't Be A Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood was a truly goofy and lengthily titled Wayans Brothers movie, and parodied "Stand By Me", "Boyz N The Hood", "Juice", "Menace II Society", and "Poetic Justice".  It starred Shawn Wayans and Marlon Wayans--perhaps the least-talented of the family.  Despite this obvious lack of talent, it managed to be fairly funny, including such lines as:

"Well, I see your hobbies include 'drinkin', smokin' weed, and all kinds of ill shit.'"

"Name: Loc Dog, baby. Height: Six-deuce! Age: 19. Father's name: mmm... I dunno. Sex: hell yeah, nigga! Salary desired: 3 million dollars! Cash!"

"I'm just tryin' to do to white girls what the white man's been doin' to us for 400 years."
"Yeah, what's that?"
"Fuck 'em."

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