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An immensely popular bar game, invented by TV talkshow host and genius David Letterman. (umm... OK, perhaps by one of his staff members. Anyways.)

The game is very simple, and played by two persons: the challenger and the challengee (although betting by the audience is highly encouraged, where allowed by local law.) The challengee sets the terms of the bet - perhaps a beer, a fixed amount of money, a french kiss - the possibilities are endless. Then, the challenger decides on a victim in the close vicinity.

The object of the game is for the challengee to make the victim utter the words "Don't call me Debbie" within one minute, without telling the victim the purpose of the game or asking the victim flat out to utter the phrase. If the challengee succeeds, he is the winner of the bet.

Typically, the challengee tries to accomplish this feat by repeatedly referring to the victim as "Debbie";

  • "Hi, Debbie!"
  • "How you doing, Debbie!"
  • "Nice weather, huh, Debbie?"
  • "Aren't you going to introduce me to your company, Debbie?"
Since this doctrine is somewhat hazardous, - especially since the challenger does not have to take the sex of the victim, or the eventual presence of a girl- or boyfriend into consideration before his choice of victim - infliction of bodily harm upon the challengee is normally considered to grant him the victory.

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