I don't want to hear about your new friend.

You have told me of your feelings for me, and the one big reason why we can never be more than friends. You know how deeply I feel for you. We never talk about it, in all of our hour-long conversations. Your reason is so unusual that probably no-one would understand it, but me, who loves you unconditionally. I try to visualize my heart healing, worried that after months of this, it really can't be healthy to feel so much pain day after day.

Now you have a new friend in your new city. She is so good at this and that, so sweet and kind, and needs your help.

Please, spare me. Yet I want to hear it, hoping she lets you down, like everyone else does.

I wouldn't. But I am letting myself down, and soon I will have to stop, throw my hands in the air and wave them around like I just don't care. Because I love you, but I am not a complete moron.

Anyway, soon, okay? Soon.

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