I don't feel the same way about you

These unsettling words that buzzed through the phone. It's hard to believe that such a wonderful person could say those words to me, considering I told her that I thought the world of her & she meant more to me than life itself.

It could have just been infatuation, but we met on a deeper level. Her personality sparkled. Her body was exactly what I envisioned a dream girl would have. She had the sweet voice that could make ice melt, the eyes that would go forever. Her face was so beautiful.

I told her the deepest of my secrets. Some things I couldn't say out loud before I met her. Things I've never even said to anybody else.

It was not meant to be. She'd rather be friends.

I told her how I felt about her. She told me "I don't feel the same about you."

Just knowing that she doesn't like me more than what we are, friends, gives me closure into something that we were dealing with.

Life goes on & there are many more fish in the sea, but I wanted her.

She doesn't know what she will be missing, since she doesn't feel the same way about me -- her loss.

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