Inspired by a fight that broke out in the audience before a show, Why Can't We Be Friends? was the title track on War's sixth album. Both Why Can't We Be Friends? and Low Rider were top 10 hits on the R&B and pop charts (Why Can't We Be Friends? made #6 on the singles charts June 16, 1975).1

Why Can't We Be Friends? has been heard on The Simpsons. Homer used it as his entrance music when fighting Drederick Tatum in episode 4F03 entitled, The Homer They Fall -- Tatum, like Mike Tyson, chose Time 4 Sum Aksion by Redman as his comeback entrance music.

Why Can't We Be Friends? was remade by Smashmouth in 1998, complete with music video.

Why Can't We Be Friends?, the album, released 1975.
1 Information on Low Rider's performance in the charts is strangely difficult to find. If someone has the scoop, I'd appreciate a /msg.

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