Don Getty was the Province of Alberta's Eleventh Premier. He was born in Quebec in 1933, and received his post secondary education at the University of Western Ontario in London. While there he played basketball and football, and became a member of the Kappa Alpha Fraternity. He got a degree in Business Administration while there. That same year he also married his wife Margaret. They went on to have four sons, Dale, David, Darin, and Derek. I don't know what it is with them and D names.<\p>

They moved to Edmonton Alberta, where Don played football for the Eskimos of the Canadian Football League. While playing for them, they won two Grey Cups, once as Quarterback. He also worked for Imperial Oil until '64, when he started his own oil company, Baldonnel Oil and Gas.<\p>

In '65 Peter Lougheed, the leader of the Provincial Progressive Conservative Party asked Don to consider entering provincial politics, and Don agreed, and was then elected to the Provincial Legislature in the '67 election. The PC's won the election in '71, and Don was appointed the Minister of Federal and Intergovernmental Affairs. After the '75 election, he was then appointed Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, a fairly important position in Alberta.<\p>

He decided not to run for re-election in '79, and went back to the private sector, working for a whole bevy of companies that I won't list here, including the Royal Bank and Nova Corp.<\p>

In 85' he decided to re-enter the fray, and was in that year voted leader of the PC party, and was for some reason officially appointed Premier almost a month and a half before he was elected as a member of the Legislative Assembly in a by-election.<\p>

He then went on to lead the PC's to victory in two elections, in '86 and '89, although he lost his own seat in the '89 election, and had to go win a by-election for the seat of a lackey who resigned so he could get a plum appointment from the Premier. He served as Premier until '92.<\p>

Currently living in Edmonton, he is a Director of the Edmonton Eskimos Football Club, and Governor of the Edmonton Petroleum Club.


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