The Royal Bank of Canada is Canada's largest bank, and it is based, perhaps not surprisingly, out of Toronto. Its current CEO is John E. Cleghom. In the New York Stock Exchange, it appears as stock symbol: RY.

It is the biggest bank in Canada, with 10 million clients, and it boasts that it got that way "one customer at a time". It has about 60000 employees, 1600 branches, and offices in 35 countries including Britain, the United Arab Emirates, and the Bahamas.

Royal Bank of Canada had its origins as a private commercial bank in 1864 and was then called the Merchants' Bank of Halifax. Investment was originally in fishing, timber and the flow of goods to and from Europe. In 1901, it was renamed the Royal Bank of Canada.

Business that are part of the large Royal Bank Financial Group include Royal Trust, RBC Dominion Securities, Royal Bank Action Direct, Royal Investment Services and RBC Insurance.

Its heraldic symbol is a lion licking a crown, and its paw resting atop a globe.

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