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I work in the finance industry. It's exciting. It's glamourous. It's full of acronyms. So, for your edification and astoundment, or at least to cure your insomnia:
msg me with additions! and if you have questions about anything msg me too - I'll try my best to write a node explaining it or to make one of these nodes easier to understand!

Amazing Acronyms


Fabulous Financial Instruments- and friends!

-common share
-fixed income
-futures contract
-limited partnership
-mutual fund
-preferred share
-strip bond
-T-Bill/treasury bill
-Zero Coupon Bond (aka a strip bond)

Occasionally Outstanding Organizations & (Intermittently) Interesting Institutes

-Alberta Securities Commission
-British Columbia Securities Commission
-Canadian Securities Institute
-Investment Dealers Association
-Investment Funds Institute of Canada
-Mutual Fund Dealers Association
-Ontario Securities Commission

Cran-tacular Courses

-Canadian Securities Course
-Conduct and Practices Handbook Course
-Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute

Many Marginally Mesmerizing Mutual Fund Companies & Trustees & Fabulous Financial Institutions
(listed with fund code in parentheses)
(not all noded yet. I'm working on it, honey.)
-Acuity/Clean Environment (CEM)
-AIM/Trimark (AIM) (Trimark used to be TRI)
-Altamira (AIS)
-Atlas (ATL)
-B2B Trust (NATC)
-Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec
-Canadian Western Trust (CWT)
-CI Group/BPI (CIG) (BPI used to be BPI-who'd've guessed?)
-Clarington (CCM)
-Dynamic/Dundee/Infinity (DYN) (Infinity used to be INF)
-Elliott & Page (EPL)
-Ethical Funds (EFI)
-Global Strategy (GSF)
-Mackenzie (MFC)
-Navigator (NFC)
-Philips Hagar North (PHN)
-Royal Bank of Canada
-Strategic Value/O'Donnell (SVF) (used to also be (OGF)
-Synergy (SRG)
-Talvest (TAL)
-Templeton (TML)
-Working Opportunity Fund (WOF)
..and probably others. I haven't included banks that issue their own mutual funds or dealers like Investor's Group who have their own funds, since I'm not familiar with them, and because they're proprietary and for the most part cannot be easily held without an account at the issuing institution.

Marvelous Miscellaneous Concepts

-Back-End Load
-capital gain
-covered call
-dividend reinvestment program -equity
-financial markets
-Front-end load
-Fund code
-Management Expense Ratio
-maturity date
-naked call
-No Load
-poison pill
-selling short
-Social Insurance Number
-stock market
-t2033 (RRSP transfer) form
-triple witching hour
-valuation model
-withholding tax


-mutual funds

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