A term coined by researcher Jon Gisle at the University of Oslo. The term is ment to include all the science of Walt Disneys Donald Duck and their little universe. There are several intellectuals in Norway like Jon Bing and Øystein Sørensen, who contribute to exploring the wonderful world of Duckburg and its inhabitants. The reason for this may be that Donald Duck is immensly popular in the nordic countries. The weekly Donald Duck magazine is among the top selling magazines, all magazines included. Followers of this movement are called donaldists. Donaldism doesn not include Mickey Mouse. Mickey is frowned upon, as one can see in mr. Rosa's stories. (In fact, Mickey is downright heckled in Rosas stories, althou that's censored in the US Gladstone productions.)

Mr. Gisle has also given names (Although somewhat humourous) to the different styles of Donald Duck drawing. Since the book "Donaldism" was written in 1973, I've added two new era, mostly since Don Rosa picked up the Carl Barks tradition.

  • The pre-history donaldism (donaldismus antiquus optimus maximus) (1948-52)
  • The older classic donaldism (donaldismus classicus vulgaris) (1951-57)
  • The younger classic donaldism (donaldismus classicus romanticus) (1957-63)
  • The commercialism (donaldismus speculativus phyphasan) (1963-66)
  • The Clutzism (donaldismus clodrismus superlativus optimus) (1965-67)
  • The simple present donaldism (donaldismus modernis vulgaris) (1965- 1978) (End date by Nordicfrost)
  • The realism (donaldismus macabris diabolus) (1966- )
  • The synthetic clutzism (donaldismus modernis lodrismosyntheticus) (1971-1982) (End date by Nordicfrost)
  • The younger classic revivalism (donaldismus classicus romanticus revitalis) (1986 - ) (Added by Nordicfrost)
  • The post-modern Italian movement (donaldismus romanicus modernicus) (1997 - ) (Added by Nordicfrost)

The donaldism movement has a site, www.donaldisme.net. Sorry, only available in Norwegian

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