Crude - Slang for feces.

Also a throw thrown by Ultimate players, albeit not in games. Dookie is any throw thrown between your legs. There are a number of different ways to accomplish this. All instructions are for a righty.

1. Start with your legs as far apart as possible and your knees bent. If you know how to pivot, pivot as far out to your forehand side as you can. Now twist back and to your right. Reach down and throw a forehand between your legs, from your back to your front. Be sure to get lots of snap and inside out. The throw will have to be almost all wrist, since you will be holding your arm straight down behind you to get the disc in a position to go between your legs.

2. Start in the same position as #1, but instead of twisting, lean out over your right leg, and throw a dad at the beach between your legs. As you get better, move your elbow closer to your right knee and make your throw less like dad at the beach and more like a real backhand.

3. This is in my opinion the hardest way to throw a dookie. Pivot out to your backhand side. Lean out over your right leg, and reach down and back towards your left leg. Now throw a forehand between your legs. You will have to turn your back slightly towards your target. This does have the advantage that, unlike other dookie throws, you will be able to use your elbow a little.

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