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Downward is Heavenward is Hum's most recent album. It's a bit more conventional musically, I think, than their other albums, but just a bit. Still has that excellent layered sound. Not as dark as the other albums, and holds more of a mix of impressions for me. From warm summer days (Comin' Home), to vast winter wastelands (Inuit Promise), and of course the ever-present sci-fi aesthetic.

There's a short little poem inside the front cover (you can hear it in the background at the end of The Inuit Promise:

Your solvents frozen here on the petal rung
is all we have to see
enlarged inside as we enspy
the warming sea.
Your breath diffused and never realized
aside from where the panicked hide
and I
just a subtle lift
provider on the other side.

Track list:
Isle Of The Cheetah
Comin' Home
If You Are To Bloom
Ms. Lazarus
Afternoon With The Axolotls
Green To Me
The Inuit Promise
The Scientists

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