This episode of Bio menace is distributed as shareware.
See also: Episode 2 - The Hidden Lab

Level 1: Downtown Metro
New Monsters introduced: Green, Red haired, bipedal Hominid. (Anything can be effectively used.)
Purple round thingies with Teeth. (Anything can be effectively used.)
Secrets: In the second building, on the on the top floor, the left wall of the apartment can be walked into for grenades/ammo.

Level 2: High Rise
New monsters introduced: Burning red E.T. like Bided. (Anything can be used. Invulnerable when on fire.)
Proximity Rockets (Grenades, Laser shots, or Robo-Buddy. Invulnerable to Machineguns.)
Laser Gun armed Large Bipedal Mutants. (Machine gun, laser gun, or Red Grenades are effective)
Secrets: On the 12th floor, in the second locker from the left, there is a free life.

Level 3: City Park.
New monsters introduced: Snakes (Use anything, these in my opinion are the most annoying of all monsters.)
Porcupines (Machine gun. These are fast and grenades often miss.)
Secrets: On the first tree, at the very top, there is a Secret level warp gem.

Level 4: South side
New Monsters Introduced: Moving piles of slime. (Mines, laser gun, or grenades are effective. Invulnerable to Machinegun)
Secrets: Color Code: Red, purple, blue, green, then cyan.
In the first building, on the second floor, the right wall can be walked into.
In the second building, on the second floor, the switch operates an elevator outside to the right of the building.

Level 5: Sewer
New monsters introduced: Large, green, bipedal, Monsters. (Anything is effective, as long as you don't get too close)
Torches (Nothing is effective.)
Secrets: On the 2nd to bottom floor, the 2nd locker from the right contains a free life.

At this point if the version of the game you have is shareware, the between level timer is activated. At this point, you have to wait 30 seconds, until you can play the next level. 5 seconds are added per level until the final wait period of one minute.

Level 6: Cave
New monsters introduced: Ceiling mounted Green conglomerations that drip acid (Machine gun and Laser gun are most effective)
Blue outlined, clear round thingies with teeth. (Same as their cousin)
Secrets: Color code: Blue, Cyan, green, purple, then red.
Note: I know there is a warp level gem for this level, but I am unsure of where it is.

Level 7: Skullman
New Monsters introduced: Skullman (Use anything, spending time trying to avoid his hands is useless)
Secrets: None that I could find

Level 8: Elevator
New Monsters Introduced: Laser gun Turrets. (Everything is effective)
Secrets: They are there; I couldn't find any of notice.

Level 9: No Mans Land
New Monsters Introduced: Pogo Robots (Everything is effective)
Dive Bombers (Everything is effective)
Planes (These bring the dive bombers, no actual harm to you. Grenades work well)
Tank Robots (Machine guns, red grenades, and laser guns work best. Do not get touched by this monster)
Secrets: The Elevator shaft contains Ammo
In the room that contains the hostage, the Secret level warp gem is in the ceiling above his head.

Level 10: Lab
New Monsters introduced: None
Secrets: On the 3rd from the top, in the 4th locker from the left, there is a free life.

Level 11: Computer Core
New Monsters introduced: none
Secrets: The elevator shaft contains Laser bullets
On the first level, past the red shard lock, in the 2nd locker, there is a free life.
Color Code: Cyan, blue, red, purple, Green
The secret level warp gem is inside the thing with 4 spikes that shoots bolts of electricity that is not coated in blue Electrical arcs. It is in the far most left side of it. Jumping in those that do have blue electrical arcs is not a good idea

Level 12: Dr. Mangles Lab
New Monsters introduced: Dr Mangle, in giant fireball shooting toad form. (Everything is effective)
Secrets: Color Code: Red, purple, blue, green, then cyan.

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