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I'm planning a baby shower for a co-worker, who is due to pop in a week. The shower is tomorrow. I hate these things with a passion. I hate giving parties, or doing any planning or organizing because you always need help, and there's always some control freak giving suggestions or telling you to change something. And I end up listening cause I have no faith at all in my abilities to give a party.

All that being said, I dreamed that my co-worker lived in my house in one of the bedrooms, along with her husband and her mother and a very fat cat. I went up to her room and petted the cat. Later, she came down and entered my room, where she saw all the gifts (unwrapped) that I had bought with everybody's money.

I was extremely agitated and was trying not to yell at her but I was really angry that she had ruined the surprise.

Last night, I woke up at about 4 and remembered two dreams. Most people have like 3-4 dreams a night and I usually remember none of them. So I was stoked. The first one was just plain weird! Some how, I ended up in army fatigues in the woods with like 4 people I knew in my dream but didnt recognize. I guess they were my coworkers? Anyway, their relationship to me is not important. For some reason, we were eating grapes. Nice, crisp green grapes. All of them had mealy worms in them. After a few hand fulls of the grapes, we decided it would be easier if we just cut the grapes and extracted the worms with tweezers. After all, why go through the gross sweet grape when you could just have a squirming, scaly mealy worm??? And then that dream was over.

The next dream was more realistic in setting and parts of what happened, but more surreal in the results and the way others acted. It was prom. For some reason I went to dinner with my ex-boyfriend (who is still one of my bestest friends) and his new little tramp. We ate across the street from the school which now had a 12 foot tall wrought iron gate in front of it. After dinner, we went home to change. (I have no idea why we didnt change beforehand or why I didnt have a date or anything.) When we headed back to the school (all separately), we were ushered into our first period classes for some odd reason. My teacher ran off to do something and the class was crazy. I decided to sneak out and go to the dance. A few people had gone before me from other classes, so I figured I ought to too. When I got across the campus, I saw my ex across the dance floor. I started walking over to him. He saw me. We locked eyes, and I realized his chin was trembling, he was about to cry. I have rarely ever seen my ex cry, only in times of extreme stress and depression, so it was all the more awkward. When we were about two feet from each other he just broke down crying. I hugged him hard until he dried up. Then we slow danced to Frank Sinatra. I dont think we said a single word to eachother at all in that part of my dream. Later, in the hotel, our rooms were a suite connected with a door. My room had three beds in it (one queen sized, two twins) and his had two (one queen sized, one twin). I had one of the twins, my friend Eric had the other, and my friend Chris had the queen. Josh was the only one in his room and he chose the twin. A few minutes after we got all settled in the rooms, he complains that no chicks ever sleep in his bed. I offer to and he's like alright, I'll sleep in yours then. It was strange because he's a guy and he'd never pass up the opportunity.

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