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Sickpixie dreamed it, not me. But it is just too good and it must be recorded.
I tell Matt that I am pregnant. We are older, so it's a good thing and we are very happy. My pregnancy passed in a dreamblur, and suddenly I am giving birth. It's a boy. Then Matt is at his dad's house in Missouri. Matt's father and grandfather are with him. Matt is holding the baby and admiring it. It has his eyes and my nose. He puts the baby down on the bed and there is an earthquake. The baby falls off the bed. Matt looks at the newspaper. The headline says Baby Splits in Half! He looks at the baby and it has, indeed, split in half. He is very upset, but then he realizes that something is... wrong... with the baby. It isn't a baby, it is a piece of chocolate covered with an aluminum foil baby-design! He hears me giggling behind a curtain. I pop out and laugh. We eat the baby. It tastes good.

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