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Last night marked my first Everything2 dream.

I was walking down some kind of aisle. To my left were some metal shelves with stuff neatly assorted on them. They were stacked shelves, the kind you'd find in a warehouse.

Anyway, under each item, on the front of the shelf, was a small white label with a number written on it. The number was how many Reputation Points the item above it had. This aisle contained all of my stuff - but not writeups. There was just junk like phones and coffee cups.

All the way at the end of the aisle, and on the bottom shelf, I saw a label with the number 455 written on it. I remember thinking "That can't be mine." So I bent down to see what the item was. It was a black, coiled telephone cord that was cleanly cut on both ends. I put it back, knowing it wasn't mine.

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