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After eons not noding, I have woken up remembering my dream. A friends writing her dreams in a collective blog, which I think has inspired me to remember and to write it down.

I was walking in Barcelona, in the streets around my new job's office. I decide to go into the building where I'll work next year. I hear some guy at the door, talking to a receptionist (the place is new and it does not have a receptionist yet). I think they are applying for some jobs.

Then I exit the building. There's a group of mostly girls in their early twenties or so, I think they are a high school class. My brother (over thirty, he's some sort of teacher in a University) is among them, with a brunette girl with glasses. They all have skateboards. I think my brother is learning to skate.

But now they are going home, and the girl offers my brother and me a ride home in her car.

Now we are in her car, they are in front and the girl drives. There's been some sort of spacewarp, as we are in Montcada driving towards Barcelona and we miss the road that goes to our home. It's rush hour and I propose a shortcut going through Trinitat Nova and Avenida Vallbona. We arrive to Trinitat and somehow we are lost.

We end up inside a building. It's a very seedy bar. We are trapped in. I notice a guy with very long hair. He doesn't see us at first, but when he notices us, he throws a bottle at us from behind the bar. A fight ensues. I totally suck at throwing bottles. There are glass shards everywhere.

Then I wake up.

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