Ok, weird dream last night... I was going to the Slipknot concert with Jay, I got through the doors and then couldn't actually remember having my ticket taken from me. There was merchandise all over the walls, cheap, but I didn't buy anything. One stall had really cool cartoons of other bands, Mudvayne and Korn being two that I remember.

I looked into the area where they were going to be playing, and noticed Jay over near the front of the stage, and was surprised nobody else was up the front of the mosh pit yet. I ran over to join him, and soon after, the band came onto the stage, although the lights were still on. I think they had totally different masks than they actually do, and only some were wearing the red jumpsuits.

I don't really remember them playing, except for some vague images of singing along, even though I couldn't pick any of the songs in my dream. Next thing I know though, Kristian (our drummer) was coming up next to me, and saying that one of the band members wanted to see me out the back, I'd been chosen for something. (I think it was Corey) So I went into some weird room with some other people, and I think the band was still playing so I didn't know how he was going to be there. I'm pretty sure there were people doing things on computers.

It got a bit blurry after that, next thing I remember is going back to see the band, because I didn't want to miss anymore, but they were finishing up after only two songs, and I got the feeling that they just didn't feel like being in a band anymore. They took off their masks, and I remember thinking how cool it was to see them without them. They went off the stage, and I went to the back room again, hoping to see them. One of the band members was there (may have been Clown), but he left, and I hung around for ages. Then I realised the only people left were cleaners, and that everybody had cleared off.

Weird dream. I think it turned into something else afterwards, but I'm not sure. I think it stemmed from hearing yesterday that the Australian Slipknot tour has been cancelled, grrr.

Last night I dreamt of driving down my street at an incredibly slow speed. The street was filled with babies and small children, playing with toys. I drove slowly and carefully, weaving in and out to avoid the children. The car had an incredible turning circle, similar to that of a bicycle.

Once I'd crossed over the intersection at the end of my street, I found myself driving through a very muddy grass area. The best way to avoid getting stuck in the mud (using dream-logic here), was to drive in reverse. I noticed other tyre tracks running parallel to my route, only further up a small embankment, where the terrain was less boggy. I (dream-logic again) realised the other tyre tracks had been left by a friend of my girlfriend, for whom I hold a certain disliking. I remember feeling dismayed and jealous.
There was an assembly. I and the other girls who were in my grade at SKA students were sitting on bleachers and being spoken to by Morah Kadosh, our eleventh grade Prophets teacher. Then two past students of hers, both of them now old and white-haired themselves, came in and prompted us to cheer and whoop for Morah. Those two students had made a mini nature documentary and showed it to us. It documented how a small patch of lakeside forest was devastated in order to lay down a road from the dock of the lake to a small elementary school. The onscreen ‘narrative’ flashed A few days ago in white letters, and then I watched a few of the trees being cut down by chain saw- what used to be forest was now flooded with light.

I was leaning over the edge of the little lake, really sad that its ecosystem would be destroyed. Behind me was the school for which the road was being built. I found a little alligator, tiny- perhaps it was really a terrapin- on the shore. It opened its tiny jaws wide and I was tempted to put a twig or something between them to hold them open. Then one of the students from the school came walking by, she was 9 or 10 years old. I showed the animal to her.

I started talking, or maybe only thinking, about the school. At one time a teacher there had been fired for teaching works to her 5th grade English class that were inappropriate- they involved a penis, a 5 foot long penis. The teacher had been pressured by community groups to admit that it was 5 feet long, and not 9 feet, as she claimed. In fact she was still teaching a new class, at a new school, about the same penis.

I saw a constrictor snake and thought, “this is a penis”. But, it wasn’t five feet long, it was nine feet long. I was in the water of the lake, and the snake/penis was tightening around my arm. I couldn’t get free. Then I was in the center of the lake, trying to swim with a snake making it hard for me to move. The snake wasn’t very wide, but it was very, very strong. I put my right arm (the free one) onto the snake to try to pull it off but just when I did that I started rapidly to sink, because I had no hands free to swim with anymore, and I couldn’t let go of the snake. I heard a loud collective gasp as the many people who had been sitting around the lake, much as they would have around a pool at a backyard party- at small round café tables- realized that I wasn’t faking and I was going to drown. I knew my father was sitting there.

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