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Impressive San Francisco Bay Area poet. I do not know a lot of biographical details, but want to use this space for an eternal space of posterity. I've heard it said that you'll probably never hear or read the best in writing. I consider my self special to have built and maintained a friendship with this very talented writer and individual.

Q.R. Hand at the time of this write up is sixty-eight years old. I've seen photographs of him with Malcom X as a member of the Bay Area's strong Black Power movement. He's been published (more so in the 60s) by Amiri Baraka. I have found only one book in-print that contains his poetry: the Outlaw Book of Poetry.

Q.R.'s works are complicated, intricate tapestries of mental associations, words torn apart by a scattered mind, made more scattered every day. "We are of the saying" he has said with the spoken-word troupe known as the Word-Wind Orchestra--a group of musicians and writers who have a self-published CD available at Bird and Beckett Books and Music in San Francisco. We are of the saying. And that is that.

Someday, when I have more of his texts in front of me, I will post some of his poetry here so that it may live forever. It would be an extreme shame if the world forgets such a brilliant mind.

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